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Being Useful

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Guest post by "Being Useful"
I'm sitting here contemplating the irony that another comic I read is paying an illustrator a hundred grand to illustrate his comic for him, and yet his art is vastly inferior.

Submitted August 4, 2014 at 6:29AM

cheese burger girl

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Guest post by "cheese burger girl"
I know that feeling, some people somehow get hurt so horribly, or in my case so many people hurt me in little ways none of them ever saw what they where doing as bad. But, constantly getting called names or physically being hit and no one seeing your pain because they don't pay attention to what others are doing. Being a shut in is a horrible thing, the thing I want to leave you with is big trauma is not the only way to wind up like Mrs Periwinkle sometimes the emotional equevilent  of "Death by a thousand needles" is more common. the worst part is there is no support for that, it makes you sound petty when you try to explain it, and you retreat from people to keep pain away. The worst part is you actually wish someone would actually go so far no one can deny you've been hurt, imagine being shoved and punched and HOPING the attacker would beat you to nearly death so at least your pain would be obvious, but no such luck they leave and you get punched or spit on some 30 minutes later then someone spits on you, and so on. that was my childhood. I have met a few people like me and it seems pretty universal feeling.
I just want to remind many things can make you a shut in Mrs. periwinkle is a traditional shut in, not all of shut in's have one earth shaking event that anyone can obviously point to.

PS I love this comic.

Submitted August 4, 2014 at 12:43PM


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Thanks, B.U.!

Cheese, you're exactly right. I have panic disorder with agoraphobia, and that's.... well... exactly right. It's actually really wonderful for me to see you phrase it this way, sum up things so well. Thank you for that.

Submitted August 4, 2014 at 10:19PM

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