The Princess

To My Beloved Royalty...

It's so great to be reconnecting with you!'

So okay, here's the deal:  There'll be a strip next week. AFTER NEXT WEEK: I will post it in a separate page for $5 tier patrons. These patrons will get the strips a week early, then it'll be put on the main page for patrons and non-patrons alike. So everyone will be a strip new to them on Monday. I'll figure out a tier situation later. For now, it would REALLY be appreciated and REALLY help me out. Sorry I gotta monetize, but.... I mean.... I gotta monetize. Work isn't really knocking down my door, you know?

I'll also want to talk about crowdsourcing for making short films, but that's something I'm trying to figure out how to do.

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Rachel N.

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Guest post by "Rachel N."
Allow me to be the first to welcome you back. You had me worried, I have to admit.

Things seem to be taking a much darker turn with Sarah. Now, it seems, I have to worry about her.

Submitted August 12, 2018 at 3:50PM

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