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Quote from Rachel N.:
Guest post by "Rachel N."
I noticed the same thing about Sarah's mom and her choice of proper clothing (which raises the question, did she get the outfit or did Sarah's dad? I like that she's kind of saying to Sarah, "You want to be a girl? Then you take everything that goes with it--that includes not just learning how to dress like other girls your age, but occasionally wearing clothes you're not thrilled with." 

Sarah's tastes really do run toward the flamboyant, as if she dresses according to her fantasy of what a girl is rather than reality. A lot of adult trans people have made that mistake (including me).

She really ought to give the look a chance, though--it really suits her. AIso, I have to say I'm tickled by Sarah's "goth" comment.

As to bottled water, I never buy the stuff except in emergencies, such as when the water main is being repaired and I'm forced to go long periods without running water. I've often said, paying for water is a sure sign I've lost my mind.


I admit I was surprised by how much blue suited her. Me, I love pink, and red, orange, and yellows. But what I look BEST in are jewel toned greens, blues, and purples. Pink is not flattering for my coloration.

As for water, I keep a pitcher in the fridge for emergencies. I don't filter it, but that's me.


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