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Guest post by "Arcee Giggles"
Nice to see you've been busy develping new skills... even if it's slowed your output on this strip.

Interesting that you've had a diagnosis of Apergers.... I was similarly diagnosed myself just a few years ago, so I've been there.

And you know.... the diagnosis helped. Now I look at the past, and that social 'jigsaw' of life that I was struggling to put together without a picture.... it all makes sense.

On the intellectual side, I'm pretty high up....
But on the social side, I'm a little disabled..... I jokingly call myself a "Social Retard"

One of the things I learned about myself, is that I have a gift for noticing the 'detail' that others don't.
And through that, my special fixed focused interests.....I excell at.
And I like that about me.

But the diagnoses has made allowed me to know where I need to work harder and create coping strategies to deal with the aspects where I'm not so skilled at.
Listen a little more, try and make eye contact when I didn't before, and watch for bodylanguage signs that people give out but often Aspies miss.

So yeah, it's gift and a curse...... but if there were a pill that if I took one a day would get rid of my Aspieness..... I wouldn't take it.

It's what makes me.... ME!! :^D


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