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Quote from JD:
Hey friends, a little bit of news.

I've made some changes to the way the comment system works. Spammers were getting past at an alarming rate. One comic actually had over 300 spammy posts on it. Google contacted me and said they were going to blacklist this site, unless it was corrected, because of links to bad sites.
 So I had to get tough.  Warning

I rewrote code, then spent another 4 hours clearing all the spam out.  You can enjoy a nice clean site now.  However, keeping it clean is going to require some changes.

The comment system will search new posts for spammy words. If found, the post will be locked out and won't be visible. Also, if a post contains links, either in the name or the post itself, it will be flagged for moderation. Christine or one of her moderators can easily approve posts, and they will appear in the order they were posted. (the link in your name is only flagged if you change it, or if you have not used it before. It also only does it once per change)

I am working on a reputation system which will allow you to post a link or two without moderation, but that will take a bit longer.

Some good news:  You may now edit your posts, even as a guest, for up to one hour after posting. ThumbsUp

Of course, you may sign up with the site as a member, and most of these restrictions are lifted.

So, have fun, don't worry, and if you need any help jump up and down and scream a lot so I can see you. *don't really scream, the neighbors get grouchy*


WOW.  Yeah, I was deleting a bunch, but.......  This'll be MUCH better. Thanks!