The Princess

To My Beloved Royalty...

In fairness, very few people can pull off the full Carmen Miranda.

My thanks to the lovely Coasties at Coast Guard Island in Alameda! You were lovely hosts, and it was an honor to be a part of your Pride celebration!  Especially on the momentous day when it was made official that barriers against transgender folks serving openly are to be lifted.  I had a blast with y'all!

Seriously, folks. The Coast Guard's cool.

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Guest post by "captmutt"
Well after two days of reading I am now caught up, I would like to say two things: "Wow!" and "Thank you". I am a fifty year old man who is just now coming to grips with his own sexual feelings and really wish that you were around when I was in elementary school. I denied my own bisexuality because that just wasn't "cool" back then. Now I am divorced and picking up the pieces of an extremely broken life and trying to figure out what it means for me to be gay in this part of my life. Read all the comments as well and want to thank you for seeing this continue even when your personal life was in shambles.

Submitted July 1 2016 at 1:41AM

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